Sports (soccer) and tech (iOS app), a perfect match

Translation done by Amazon Translate I am passionate about sports, especially downhill skiing and soccer. So when I see the world of sports taking an interest in technology, I get very curious. A well-known pro soccer team, Chelsea, has just launched an iPhone app to give everyone the chance to enjoy the training offered inLire la suite « Sports (soccer) and tech (iOS app), a perfect match »

See the Surface Duo in real

Translation made with Amazon Translate Here is a nice video from the people at Microsoft who demonstrate the user experience of their new product, Surface Duo. I did an article last week on the subject, right here: The more I read about this product, the more eager I am to get my hands onLire la suite « See the Surface Duo in real »

The Surface Duo from Microsoft, it really interests me

Being in the world of technology often means having an interest in the arrival of a new product. This is what’s happening to me with the upcoming release of Microsoft’s Surface Duo. The idea of having a telephone-tablet-computer designed for work interests me a lot. The Surface Duo is the kind of new product thatLire la suite « The Surface Duo from Microsoft, it really interests me »

Raspberry… a love story that lasts…

Raspberry PI, do you know it? Not the fruit, but the very small computer, cheap ($35) and that brings us back to the time when computer science was fiddling, art… I own a few Raspberry. Some run 24 hours a day and others sleep until I’m interested enough in a project to devote myself toLire la suite « Raspberry… a love story that lasts… »

Amazon AWS annual show, Re:Invent will be virtual

No AWS in Las Vegas this year for me and the tens of thousands of AWS experts and customers. 😦 Indeed, the announcement was made, the annual Amazon AWS conference will be virtual this year. Another change is that the conference will take place from November 30 to December 18 and not in February asLire la suite « Amazon AWS annual show, Re:Invent will be virtual »

What’s New in Teams

This product never ceases to amaze me. It has become the essential working tool for many people in the current context. Here’s what should arrive to us in a few weeks as new features. Jump to the 14 minutes of this video to see the (very close) future of Teams. Here are some screenshotsLire la suite « What’s New in Teams »

You need to read this if you’re serious with cloud computing

Cloud giants, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, provide you with a ton of presentations, training and references. If your organization is serious about the implementation of cloud computing, it must provide its experts with the time they need to increase their level of expertise. To save you time, I would like to direct your readingLire la suite « You need to read this if you’re serious with cloud computing »