Codified infrastructure – here is a very useful tool

There is not a day going on when I explain to my clients that the switch to cloud computing also comes with the transition to codified infrastructure (Infra As Code). I understand it is not an obligation to make infrastructure that way, but when it is in place and it is done well, your organizationLire la suite « Codified infrastructure – here is a very useful tool »

Je reviens… I’ll be back

Bonjour, Soyez rassuré, je n’ai pas mis un terme à l’écriture d’articles sur ce blog. Un changement d’employeur consomme du temps en ce début de 2021. Soyez patient, je vous reviens dans les prochains jours. Merci Hello, Rest assured, I have not stopped writing articles on this blog. A change of employer consumes time atLire la suite « Je reviens… I’ll be back »

Very proud to have been chosen in the AWS Community Builder family

Yes, I got the email this week. I am now a member of AWS Community Builder. Basically, this is a cloud-based expert program that are engaged in the Amazon AWS world: “The AWS Community Builders program provides technical resources, mentoring, and networking opportunities for AWS enthusiasts and emerging opinion leaders who are passionate about sharingLire la suite « Very proud to have been chosen in the AWS Community Builder family »

Is Cloud Safe: What is Security btw?

There’s no day going on when we don’t talk about security in the clouds. Is the cloud safe? How to trust cloud providers and their services, employees, etc. The answer to these questions is simply: Cloud is safe. It remains to prove it now, to build an argument to this far too simple answer! ThisLire la suite « Is Cloud Safe: What is Security btw? »

A contact center in 2020, what should it look like? Part I

Note: This article is the first in a series dedicated to the Amazon Connect Contact Center service. Follow me to learn more. For a few years, I’ve become a fan. Judge me if you want፦), but I’m having fun with the Amazon Connect Contact Center service. Why this madness? Because I saw this service asLire la suite « A contact center in 2020, what should it look like? Part I »

More than one cloud provider: a target and challenges.

All analysts say it: in a shift to cloud, the target to achieve is to have more than one cloud provider, that is, aim for multicloud. Ok, I also recommend to my clients that they have this target, but know that there are challenges that you shouldn’t take lightly. First, if your organization has startedLire la suite « More than one cloud provider: a target and challenges. »

Free certification exams at Microsoft

With the arrival of its Ignite, Microsoft offers us to take exams free of charge. Exams to pass Microsoft certifications. You have between October 14 and March 31, 2021 to take advantage of this special offer. To qualify, you must attend the Ignite Conference and complete one of the Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge. MicrosoftLire la suite « Free certification exams at Microsoft »

Available: Gartner Cloud Magic Quadrant

If there’s a time in the year when cloud service providers are on their teeth, it’s the day of the release of the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Each industry has its own analytical or reference tool: radio and television ratings, specialized publications for the automotive world, elections for politics. For technology, there’s Gartner’s publications. Basically, theseLire la suite « Available: Gartner Cloud Magic Quadrant »

The blockchain mystery

Coffee and bagel in hand this morning, I took a short introductory training on Blockchain technology. Very interesting training, by the way. A 30 minutes very well invested. I wanted to improve my knowledge of this phenomenon that techno people know without really being able to explain it well. Many have heard about Bitcoins (cryptoLire la suite « The blockchain mystery »

Learn how to make your data talk

AWS offers a free week of data analytics training. Data is increasingly at the heart of organizations. The value of an organization depends on its human resources, but also on the value of the data it has at its disposal. It is still necessary to get these data to talk, and to extract information relevantLire la suite « Learn how to make your data talk »