Tool of the Week: Pencil +Camera = IPEVO IW2 Interactive Whiteboard

Having a very big screen is good, being able to use it as a touch whiteboard, it’s even better. I present to you the tool of the week, the IW2 of the company IPEVO. My daily life is filled with meetings where I have to inform and train my audience. In person, I use aLire la suite « Tool of the Week: Pencil +Camera = IPEVO IW2 Interactive Whiteboard »

Tool of the Week: Microsoft 365 Speech Recognition

S01E02 – eng Writing blog articles, writing emails, documents of all kinds, all these texts represent my daily life. Indeed, there is not a day going on when I don’t have to produce multiple lines of text. The tool I present to you today is not necessarily new, but over the years I have seenLire la suite « Tool of the Week: Microsoft 365 Speech Recognition »

Tool of the Week : Luminar AI

I am starting today a series of short articles that might interest you. These articles will focus on tools (online service, software, phone and tablet app, etc…) that caught my attention. My goal is not to do a complete analysis of the tool, but to prick your curiosity on it. The Internet is overflowing withLire la suite « Tool of the Week : Luminar AI »

AWS Migration Day

I am pleased to invite you to a special, pan-Canadian event on AWS Cloud Migration. My colleague Alex Leblanc and I will be virtually present via podcasts and through the magic of chat. 3 tracks are offered to you. Migration (English), Application Modernization(English) and a 3rd grouping together these 2 subjects (migration and modernization) butLire la suite « AWS Migration Day »

Cloud computing, the importance of doing a cloud watch

Cloud computing changes the work of people in the IT. Tasks disappear and others are added to the day-to-day IT teams. I would like to draw your attention to the importance of adding a cloud watch task to the tasks of your teams. Doing the cloud watch means being abreast of new developments and changesLire la suite « Cloud computing, the importance of doing a cloud watch »

Great news: AWS Contact Center is now available in Canada

If you’ve been following me for a few months, you know I love cloud computing and more specifically AWS Contact Center Service: Amazon Connect. Great news for Canadian customers who are concerned about having their data in Canada, this service is now available in Canada. The official announcement is here : This means thatLire la suite « Great news: AWS Contact Center is now available in Canada »

MS Azure as at the restaurant…

Here’s a very original way to introduce Microsoft Azure cloud services. For example, if I need to know which Azure services are available in the Canada Central region. The result is as follows: Click on the image of one of the services and here we are with information about this service. Why like atLire la suite « MS Azure as at the restaurant… »

Codified infrastructure – tip for Google Cloud Platform

I mentioned recently that in order to enjoy a transition to cloud computing, you should look at the codified infrastructure (Infa As Code). We no longer set up our infrastructure with our mice in hand, but by programming.  In a previous article, I introduced a very useful tool for producing Terraform code from the AWSLire la suite « Codified infrastructure – tip for Google Cloud Platform »

Container Training at AWS

If you’re like me, you may have trouble making the jump into the container world. I am able to do my small personal projects with Docker on my Mac and to roll it all on my Raspberry. But in the cloud it’s a different level. Here are some links to learn more about containers atLire la suite « Container Training at AWS »

Codified infrastructure – here is a very useful tool

There is not a day going on when I explain to my clients that the switch to cloud computing also comes with the transition to codified infrastructure (Infra As Code). I understand it is not an obligation to make infrastructure that way, but when it is in place and it is done well, your organizationLire la suite « Codified infrastructure – here is a very useful tool »