Futuristic Experiment: When AI Takes Control of My Videos

Tonight, I am embarking on a new adventure with artificial arts tools. After exploring the possibilities of text generation with ChatGPT and image creation with MidJourney, I will now have fun creating videos from text generated by ChatGPT, images produced by MidJourney, and voice-video synchronization with d-id.

I am fascinated by how AI can be used to create multimedia content and I am excited to see what I can accomplish with these tools. Using text generated by ChatGPT, I will explore different ways to bring those words to life with images produced by MidJourney. Then, using d-id, I will synchronize my voice with the images to create an immersive video.

I am convinced that this experience will be both fun and educational, as I will learn how to combine different technologies to create captivating multimedia content. I can’t wait to see the results and share this experience with all of you. Stay tuned to discover what I’ve created with these artificial arts tools!

Luc Pâquet



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