Tool of the week : Stream Deck keyboard

Telework requires us to review our ways of doing things, to review our tools in order to work optimally. The tool of the week is part of this need to do better and do differently due to telework. So I introduce you to the Stream Deck keyboard.

I would describe the Stream Deck as a keyboard with programmable keys that can meet several needs to automate certain functions of your daily life. This tool is well known to Youtubers/Twitchers who use software like OBS to stream live on the Internet. One key to switch from one camera to another, another key to start the live stream and advertise it on social media. These are just a few examples where using the Stream Deck is very popular.

For my part, my need is rather related to telework. I was looking for a simple way to optimize my work with the tools of my everyday life: MacBook Pro, videoconferencing with Teams and Chime, presentation with Powerpoint, launch an app quickly and so on. I was looking to simplify actions like stop/start the camera and microphone during videoconferencing, changing slides in my presentations. Here is a configuration I use to launch a few apps (far right) and to adjust the volume (far left).

Very interesting thing about the Stream Deck, each of the keys has its own small configurable screen that allows you to quickly identify the function behind the key. As this is a screen, it is therefore possible to display what you want with the help of the companion software. Here is another configuration. This is related to my use with M365 Teams. It includes buttons for shutting down and starting the camera and microphone, launching screen sharing.

My need doesn’t end there. I intend to create video content for this blog and for my work and this is where my tool of the week will make sense. The software used will be OBS, Final Cut and broadcast services such as Twitch or Youtube. I will come back to you at this time with my appreciation of the Stream Deck in this new context of use.

Here are the 3 models of Stream Deck (I have the one with 15 keys).

Le Mini 6 touches
Le Stream Deck – 15 touches
Stream Deck XL – 32 touches

If you are looking for a simple way to access keyboard shortcuts or launch command suites with a single key keyboard, I invite you to look at the Stream Deck offer.

Luc Pâquet







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