Tool of the Week: Pencil +Camera = IPEVO IW2 Interactive Whiteboard

Having a very big screen is good, being able to use it as a touch whiteboard, it’s even better. I present to you the tool of the week, the IW2 of the company IPEVO.

My daily life is filled with meetings where I have to inform and train my audience. In person, I use a board and markers to support my remarks. At home and in telecommuting, this is not possible.

Here’s how I use the IW2 in my work to reproduce the whiteboard and markers combo. First, I need whiteboard software, Microsoft 365 meets this need with its whiteboard software. All I have to do is place the camera component of the IW2 on a tripod and point it towards my screen.

On the first use, I had to install the software and do a calibration to make everything functional. Five minutes and it’s done. The following is just as simple. Pencil in hand, I can write on the whiteboard, annotate things on the screen and the like. Here is an example:

There’s more, recording my sketches, recording video or live streaming of what is happening on the screen, etc. Here is a short video that will give you more details about this tool.

During my next visit to the office, I plan to test it with a projector and large televisions to see if it is possible to reproduce more accurately the use of a physical whiteboard.

Luc Pâquet



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