Tool of the Week: Microsoft 365 Speech Recognition

S01E02 – eng

Writing blog articles, writing emails, documents of all kinds, all these texts represent my daily life. Indeed, there is not a day going on when I don’t have to produce multiple lines of text. The tool I present to you today is not necessarily new, but over the years I have seen a huge progress in the quality of the texts produced by the tool of the week: speech recognition of Microsoft 365.

What could be more natural than dictating a text using our voice. Many professionals such as doctors and lawyers have used this way of doing things for a long time. Cassette recorder in hand, they dictate to a magnetic tape the desired text.

Ok, in 2021 we no longer have a cassette recorder, it was replaced by a computer and software, but the way is close to it. The text you are reading is an example of this. I dictate it directly in Microsoft Word using my Macintosh computer and a quality microphone. The result is very impressive. Of course, I occasionally have to review the text following a misunderstanding of the tool. An interesting addition, as the whole is integrated with Word, the correction of the text is done as I dictate my future masterpiece.

Even if you have already tried this kind of tool in the past, I invite you to give it a new chance like me currently, by using this feature directly in the Microsoft 365 offering.

Good use and we’ll see you next week in an upcoming episode of the Tools of the Week series.

Luc Pâquet






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