Cloud computing, the importance of doing a cloud watch

Cloud computing changes the work of people in the IT. Tasks disappear and others are added to the day-to-day IT teams. I would like to draw your attention to the importance of adding a cloud watch task to the tasks of your teams.

Doing the cloud watch means being abreast of new developments and changes to the services of your cloud provider (s). There is not a day when these providers will not have content for you.

Why do a cloud watch? Lowering your cloud bill, innovating with and in the cloud, improving the security of your information systems are just a few reasons that should motivate your teams to do it.

As an example, here’s what’s happening on the AWS side just for today. (Same for Azure and GCP).

I invite you to be serious about your way of doing your cloud watch. Devote time to it every day. Here’s what I do every day. I spend a 15 minutes, coffee in hand at the beginning of the day, to perform my cloud watch. This 15 minutes allows me to quickly go around what is happening in the clouds. I advise you to use like me, a tool like to facilitate your work. The essential sites for doing the cloud watch are obviously the blogs of cloud providers:

In conclusion, I invite you to give importance to cloud watch by allowing your ITs people to spend a few hours a week on it.
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Luc Pâquet

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