Great news: AWS Contact Center is now available in Canada

If you’ve been following me for a few months, you know I love cloud computing and more specifically AWS Contact Center Service: Amazon Connect. Great news for Canadian customers who are concerned about having their data in Canada, this service is now available in Canada.

The official announcement is here :

This means that call recordings, call data, and other information remain on AWS Canadian servers.

Be reassured, according to my tests, the service does not suffer from any difference from what I know of its American cousin. Here is a small demo that I have just prepared to validate everything and to see its possibilities with the French language among others. A great success as a demo isn’t it?

On the left you will find the telephone interface of the contact center agent. This is actually a software phone. On the right, I added the following components in a completely editable interface:

  • Icon and color line that reflect the mood of the client. The whole is adjusted live according to the words used by the customer during the conversation with the agent.
  • The transcript of the customer’s comments appears almost live (about 3 seconds offset)
  • Multiple language translation appears at the bottom of the page.

Remember, this contact center service is unstandard and bothers in the world of call centers. No license per agent, billed based on call duration, everything is in the AWS cloud and, as demonstrated in this text, highly customizable to suit your needs.

Feel free to contact me to start the discussion and to see and hear the demonstration with your own eyes… and ears.

Luc Pâquet

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