Codified infrastructure – here is a very useful tool

There is not a day going on when I explain to my clients that the switch to cloud computing also comes with the transition to codified infrastructure (Infra As Code). I understand it is not an obligation to make infrastructure that way, but when it is in place and it is done well, your organization will benefit even more from the transition to cloud computing.

I’ve always been an “Apple guy”. I’ve had Macs since 198x. My technological world tastes apple. Imagine how moving to a keyboard and not a mouse is not obvious to me when it comes time to set up infrastructure in the cloud. 

That’s why I always like to get my hands on tools that make my life easier. 

Here is one that will be very useful to me. Console Recorder for AWS

Whether your platform to codify your AWS infrastructure is Terraform (my choice) or one of them. I am convinced that you will quickly see the benefit of using this tool.

How does it work? Simple, after installing the tool in Chrome or Firefox, you just have to start recording what you will do in the AWS console by clicking on the tool icon. Its task is to track what you do with the mouse to extract the code from it. Here is the result after launching an EC2 instance.

All I have to do is copy and paste this and I will have everything I need to mount my codified infrastructure. 

Cool isn’t it?

As always, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your technical questions. 

Luc Pâquet

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