To meet your telephony needs, here is a great success in Montreal : VOIP.MS

In my articles, I try as much as possible to inform you about the services and technologies I use or have tried. This post is proof of this. I have been using a telephone/cloud service for several years. A service that serves as a telephone service for the home (children) taking over from the cell phone during my absence.

This service is made in Quebec, I am talking about VOIP.MS.

Without losing yourself too much in the world of techno, VOIP.MS is all you need to do modern telephony (IP telephony) without having to worry about equipment (thanks to the cloud) other than phones. You have internet, you’re in business. A simple IP telephony software on your computer or hundreds of IP phones in your company, VOIP.MS can meet these needs.

One of the features I like about this service is per-second billing. No (very little in fact) monthly fees. The phone doesn’t ring, you don’t pay. Almost not in fact, only the mandatory 911 and phone number rental fees will be billed. Here’s my bill from January 1 to May 7, $10,17.

Here is the list of services offered to you with VOIP.MS

Also recently added is voice to text and text message(SMS).

Home use cases:

  • Leave a safe telephone service for the person who comes to care for the children during their absence;
  • Bad cellular reception at the cottage, the internet is low speed but correct.

On the business side :

  • Since COVID’s telework, provide employees with telephone service as if they were in a company with no investment in hardware (servers);
  • Establish a virtual receptionist service to direct our clients to the right interlocutor;
  • Cut in long distance charges for a company with multiple offices across the country, continent or world. Calls between offices are free of charge.

To start the whole thing, nothing could be easier. Go to the site, click Sign Up.

and enter “luccloud” in the promo code field. (see footnote to this article for info).

Send me an email to continue the conversation about IP telephony and cloud computing.

Luc Pâquet (

Note: Please note that I am newly linked to VOIP.MS. Clicking on the links gives me a few $ to encourage me to continue writing my articles. Thank you for encouraging this Quebec company and me in the same way, by using the links in this article.







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    I have read the article the way you explained is very remarkable and you also give me some idea about VoIP let’s discuss this with our team


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