Make your data speak

Your data, customer data (citizens for public sector), production, sales and other information you have in your IT environments is a gold mine that deserves a closer look.

These data are the raw material of an organization that wants to be digital. Now it remains to make these data speak. They will reveal more than relevant information to make the most informed decisions.

Amazon AWS comes up with a tool that should make you think about how to make your data speak : The Data Flywheel

The AWS document provides examples of customers who take advantage of the data they produce:

This text provides a more than interesting insight into the “journey” of your data, from input to exploitation.

This section of the text caught my attention. I often have the discussion about databases with my clients. AWS says:

The world of databases has long been a challenging place for most organizations. Legacy databases are expensive, proprietary, create lock-in, offer punitive licensing terms, and come with frequent audits. Because of these issues and others, many companies are moving as fast as they can to open source alternatives like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB. But while the simplicity and cost effectiveness of open source databases are certainly attractive, these businesses still need the performance and availability of high-end commercial databases. In short, they need the best of both worlds

Page 7.

Even if “make your data speak” seems to you out of your comfort zone, feel free to start with a small project. A project that will highlight relevant information from unexploited or underexploited data.

Contact me to discuss it and start a project with you.

Luc Pâquet

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